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This Video From Glen Martin Limited Shows How To Clean A Toilet Properly.

How to Clean a Toilet Properly

In honour of World Toilet Day today, I thought I would do something a little different from my regular posts. World Toilet Day is an initiative spearheaded by the United Nations to raise awareness around the lack of sanitation access worldwide.

In North America, we’re extremely lucky to have access to restrooms complete with sinks, toilets, soap dispensers, hand dryers and more. It’s hard to imagine a world without restrooms, but the reality is over 2.5 billion people worldwide don’t have access to toilets, despite the human right to water and sanitation.

The UN is encouraging people to say thank you to their toilets today and I’ve got just the solution in mind — what better way to say “thank you” than some tender loving care for those bowls that do so much for us?

Let’s get started with my how to-video on toilet cleaning.

The Proper Way to Clean a Toilet

For more on World Toilet Day and to learn how you can contribute to the cause, visit the UN’s website.

If you’re looking for other toilet cleaning tips, check out this blog post on how to clean toilet bowl rings with a pumice stone.

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‘Til next time, keep it clean!

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