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Change the way you think about cleaning…
Meet the i-mop.

Over 70% of floors are still cleaned with a mop & bucket. It is time to think differently about cleaning. Mop & buckets are highly maneuverable however they have many issues:

  • Extremely labor intensive
  • Primarily spread dirt around instead of removing
  • Pose slip & fall risks due to wet floors

The patented i-mop combines the maneuverability of the mop with the performance of a traditional scrubber. The i-mop:

  • Greatly reduces labor costs, up to 10 times faster than a mop & bucket
  • Dramatically reduces water & chemical consumption
  • Delivers extremely clean floors with high mechanical agitation
  • Leaves nearly instantaneous dry floors with water recovery

The i-mop was designed to:

  • Work in tight spaces and underneath obstacles with its 360 degree handle
  • Have unlimited mobility with a foldable scrub deck & transport wheels, light enough to pick up
  • Be simple with easy & intuitive controls for first time scrubber operators

Dual, counter rotating brushes

Twin Brushes
Counter-rotation of twin brushes pushes solution toward center, rather than splashing off to the side of the machine.

Unique Brush Design
Channels that constantly push solution towards – not away from center. Plus, concentrically stepped bristles trap fluid and prevent splashing.

Squeegee System Design
Placement of squeegee under weight of equipment creates pressure against uneven floor surfaces for better fluid recapture.

Squeegee Location
Location of squeegee immediately behind brushes (vs. behind wheels) retrieves fluid before its fans out to sides.

Download more information on the Nobles i-mop here

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