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HYscent – Enhance any environment with welcoming aromas.


Introducing HYscent, a new product that enhances the environmental experience by providing innovative dispensing technology, delivering the highest quality fragrances; for every business, for every person, for EVERY DAY.

Dispensers That are Effective and Attractive

HYscent dispensers provide an unmatched solution for all your air fragrancing needs. The Dual can be used anywhere and with dual fragrances. You don’t have to smell the same fragrance all day. Just insert two different refills and the Dual will rotate between them. Feeling creative? The Dual can combine two complimentary fragrances delivering one unique aromatic blend.

Fragrances for any Room 



HYscent signature fragrances are created from a perfect blend of pure essential oils and pure fragrance oils. HYscent natural aromas are designed from flowers, seeds, stems, bark, roots, and other various parts of a plant. The premium fragrances in our signature line are to be used everywhere, from the bathroom to the boardroom.

Each fragrance contains a complex blend of up to 11 essential and fragrance oils. Designed for long lasting use, Signature fragrances are the perfect solution for enhancing the work or retail environment with the most welcoming and lovely aromas available.

Get the Most out of Your Fragrance

How can HYscent enhance the environmental experience? Smell is aesthetically important because it bypasses the conscious brain and speaks directly to the emotions. Fragrances serve as a key differentiatior in any environment and are proven to have a positive impact on a person’s mood when exposed to an uplifting or pleasant scent.

Enhancing your environment with fragrance will result in:

  • Positive consumer evaluation
  • More time spent in the environment
  • Intentions to revisit
  • More money spent

Eliminates Unpleasant Odours with OdorAxe

OdorAxe was designed to organically elimanate malodors at the molecular level and improve indoor air quality (IAQ). All HYscent refills contain OdorAxe, a malodor technology scientifically designed and tested to effectively counteract unpleasant odors, actually neutralizing malodors rather then simply “masking” them. OdorAxe is effective against malodors such as tobacco, smoke, bathroom smells, body malodor, pet, mildew, kitchen and cooking smells.

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