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Remove Salt Stains From Carpet With Winter Rinse, Available At Glen Martin Limited.

How to Remove Salt Stains from Carpets and Floors

Well folks, winter is finally here and so is the mess that comes with it!

I find that more and more salt and sand is being dumped on sidewalks and roadways due to the increasing liabilities contractors now face.

The problem is, the mess never stays outside! Doorways, front entrances and even our cars start to look like historical artifacts. The whole winter mess poses many challenges to a facility manager. It’s always important to clean up any moisture on floors to reduce the chances of a slip/fall injury.

Preventing winter slips and falls indoors with entrance matting

The easiest way to prevent wet floors is to have ample matting at your entrances. The recommended amount of matting is a minimum of five steps in length — that totals about 15 feet.

In those 15 feet, it’s also recommended you choose a combination of scraper matting, wiper/scraper matting and wiper matting. Each type of matting has a different purpose: scrapers are designed to remove dirt and snow from your boots and wipers are used to remove moisture.

Even with appropriate matting you’ll still get some moisture on your floor. Make sure that you have posted wet floor signs to warn visitors and whenever possible, soak up any moisture.

Use winter rinse and autoscrubbers to protect your floors this winter

My first tool of choice is always an autoscrubber. It’s quick and easy and it leaves the floors sparkling clean. Be sure to use a product like winter rinse to break down any salt deposits left behind. It will leave your floors residue-free!

In smaller areas you can always use a traditional mop and a bucket. In this instance, it’s very important to use a winter rinse to demineralize the salt on the floor. If you skip this step, you’ll definitely end up with unwanted clouding and residue, making your floors like grimy and dingy.

How to remove salt stains from entrance matting

This picture shows the difference winter rinse makes in removing salt stains from entrance matting.

A question I am often asked is, “how do I get the salt stains out of my mats?”

It’s easy — you can use the same winter rinse on carpet and it won’t hurt it!

You’ll need a wet/dry vacuum or a carpet extractor if you have it. Mix up a solution of winter rinse and spray directly on the matting. Let it sit for about five minutes and then give it a good scrub with a carpet brush. You will see the salt stains begin to disappear!

For the final step, use your wet/dry vacuum or extractor to suck it up. Your mats will look like new again!

Entrance matting winter maintenance

I suggest clean your matting regularity in the winter. Winter rinse is a great product but it can’t work miracles. If you let salt build up and dry repeatedly it will crystallize around the fibres leaving them rock hard, unsightly and ineffective. With a little care your matting should last for years.

I’m proud to be the Barrie area’s premier distributor of janitorial supplies and winter maintenance solutions! How do you plan to protect your floors this winter? Let’s chat about it! Connect with me on Twitter and Facebook where I’m always sharing my tips.

‘Til next time, keep it clean — and stay warm!

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