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Learn To Clean Your Floors Properly With Auto Scrubbing Equipment From Glen Martin Limited.

How to Clean Floors in Industrial and Commercial Facilities

It’s still chilly outside and the snow doesn’t seem to want to quit, but over here at Glen Martin Limited, we’re ready for Spring.

First on the to-do list: rid the floors of the remnants of old man winter!

We’ve had several customers asking us how to rid their floors of salt, sand and other common floor cleaning concerns. Yes, it is possible to solve almost any floor cleaning problem with the right equipment and products — and the good news is that the right tools will save you time!

Download Your Free Guide to Cleaning Floors in Industrial and Commercial Facilities

Along with the good folks at Glen Martin Limited, I’ve developed a handy tip sheet for you to download. This guide covers:

  • How to clean spots and stains from carpet and upholstery
  • How to remove salt and sand from carpet
  • How to manage issues with dirty grout and flooring
  • How to revive messy winter floors

Ready to learn the ins and outs of excellent floor care? Download your free floor cleaning guide from Glen Martin Limited today. You can also visit our catalogue for more information about auto scrubbers and other floor cleaning machines.

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