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Use Natural Holiday Scents This Year To Get Into The Christmas Spirit.

Attracting Customers with Natural Holiday Scents

Have you ever walked into a store, building, home or other facility and felt refreshed, calmed or invigorated by the scent? Perhaps the smell was so amazing that you wanted to stick around for just a little longer.

Well that my friends, is human nature.

In fact, scent influences our nervous system more than any other of our five senses. Our bodies process odours in the limbic part of the brain — that’s the centre of our emotions! Scent even influences the way we feel pleasure, arousal and mood. Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me?

Back to business here people!

At home, people use scents to relax and wind down. Now imagine if we used the same rationale at work. Can scents relax consumers in your store? Can scents make hotel guests feel more at home? Can scents bring consumers into a certain state of mind of buying?

The resounding answer is yes!

Getting into the holiday spirit with scents

I’m about to say the C word. CHRISTMAS!! There’s no stopping its arrival. With the busiest shopping season of the year upon us, retailers need every advantage possible to keep customers in their stores. According to a recent article from Business Voice, “Customers tend to linger longer in areas that smell nice.”

Still not convinced? Steven Semoff, the acting co-president of the Scent Marketing Institute says that a study run by Nike showed adding scents to their stores increased intent to purchase by 80 per cent, while in another experiment at a petrol station with a mini-mart attached to it, pumping around the smell of coffee saw purchases of the drink increase by 300 per cent!

It is proven that in scented stores, customers spend more time, more money and they develop a better opinion of the store and its products.

Natural scents at a fraction of the price

Until recently, there were really only 5 companies in the US controlling around 80% of the scent market with monthly fees ranging from $150.00 to $500.00 per month. Sounds expensive! Hyso, a new player in the scent arena, has introduced the HYscent line of scents, at a fraction of that price along with a reliable and economical delivery system. Depending on the square footage of the space, you can use either their single unit or the dual unit, or a combination of both.

They have a large range of scents that are manufactured using pure and natural essential oils. The scent you will use depends on the goal you are trying to achieve. If you are looking to calm and relax patrons of your store, use either the vanilla or lavender scents. Do you want them more alert? Try citrus. The powder scent creates feelings that are safe, secure and nostalgic. Are you looking to sell more coffee? Try using the cafe mocha fragrance close to the till.

The beauty of the HYscent program is that it is economical and customizable. If you want to create a scent unique to your location, use the dual. Its ability to blend scents makes it uniquely customizable. For example, a convenience store with specialty coffees may opt for a blend of cafe mocha and vanilla one month and cafe mocha and cinnamon the next. The options are endless.

Get that “Christmas-y” feeling

Just imagine how patrons would feel if their bank smelled like Christmas? Or how about if the fake lobby Christmas tree actually smelled like a Canadian spruce? What if the endless line to see Santa actually smelled like Christmas? Would it be calming to the parents in line?  Christmas music is in the air, why not add the scent of Christmas as well!?

The HYscent scent ‘O’ Christmas tree’, is an aromatic blend of Canadian spruce tree, Alpine air accord, coniferous pine, cedar wood, birch bark and sweet vanilla. Use this scent and no one will know that your tree is fake.

Looking to invoke some childhood memories? Try ‘Holiday Memories’, a heartwarming blend of citrus, cinnamon, baking spices and just a splash of vanilla. It will warm the hearts of your customers and perhaps the stress of the holidays will melt away too!

Since “smell-a-net” isn’t an option, why not reach out to one of our scent specialists for a sampling? We promise to delight your senses, and your customer’s too!

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