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Dealing with Sanitary Waste Disposal

I wonder how many custodian’s walk into the women’s washroom to do their regular clean and dread dealing with the sanitary napkin disposal bins? The metal bin, with its roots deep in the past and the waxed paper bags that never sit just right. It’s my experience that there are many times when the bins aren’t used properly leaving them dirty or simply emptying them is an awkward and difficult task. It is also one of the riskiest touch points in a washroom stall making proper sanitization very important.

A Better Option

Pure Concepts has developed and introduced the Pod Petite Sanitary Waste Disposal Bin. The Pod Petite delivers a stylish solution to the sensitive problem of sanitary product disposal.

Designed with the needs of women in mind, the Pod Petites units are available in a both manual and automatic versions. The automatic models work using advanced motion-sensor technology, meaning there’s no need to touch the unit. The manual units are designed for minimal touch and maximum hygiene!

When it comes to feminine hygiene disposal; convenience, cleanliness and consideration are key to a clean experience. Small but perfectly formed, Pod™ Petite takes care of all your customer and staff needs.

Easy to use – easy to empty.

The Pod Petite is designed with a unique opening that simplifies the disposal process, while minimising sight into the unit and discouraging disposal of general waste – No more fussing with waxed paper bags! The design also eliminates unsightly surfaces and the potential trapping of sanitary waste.

The disposal bags come in and easy to install and service cassette that offers complete protection for service personnel with zero exposure to waste. Each Pod Petite Cassette Liner contains a continuous, perforated liner that is lightly scented. To empty the unit simply open the door, tear off the liner and remove waste. Once the waste is removed, pull down the new liner and tie a knot.

The other added benefit that comes from using these products is that they match the Tork toilet tissue and paper towel dispensers and the Pod Petite is available in black or white. Your washroom can be styling!!!

What are your biggest concerns when entering a public washroom? I want to know! Share your story by getting social with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Until next time, keep it clean!










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