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Cleaning Toilets the Proper Way

It’s likely not anyone’s favourite task on their to-do list, but cleaning toilets should be part of each and every facility’s cleaning program. It’s an area that is visited frequently by your employees, customers, guests, and even yourself. And guess what? It’s about more than just cleanliness: everyone’s health and your reputation depends on it too!

Yet, I’m amazed at how many people still don’t know how to clean a toilet properly. Luckily, I’m sharing my insider information with you today to ensure you’ve got the scoop on keeping your porcelain thrones in tip-top condition.

Protect Yourself

As with any cleaning task, protecting yourself should be the first priority. Wearing the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) will keep you safe from nasty germs and harsh cleaning chemicals. Gloves and goggles are a must, especially when cleaning toilets!

The Wipedown

Start by spraying down the toilet with a foaming bathroom cleaner, making sure to get the tank, handle, seat, rim and base. It’s important to let the cleaner sit long enough to do its job properly. After a few minutes, it’s time for the wipedown. I recommend using a microfibre cloth to do the job. Wiping down the entire toilet from top to bottom ensures any stray urine residue is accounted for — gross, but true. Remember to start at the top of the toilet and work your way down. Once you’re done with the microfibre, be sure to put it in your soiled linen bag. This cloth should not be used again until it’s been laundered properly to eliminate the spread of germs and bacteria.

Getting Down to Business

With the outside done, we can now focus on the messy part: the toilet bowl. This is where the right tools and product really make a difference. I always use a bowl mop rather than a bowl brush. Why? Bowl mops help bowl cleaner get under the rim to do a thorough job.

When choosing a bowl cleaner, think about the following: will you be working with hard or soft water? How frequently is the bowl cleaned? If scale buildup is light and the toilet is being cleaned on a regular basis, opt for a safety acid bowl cleaner to do the job. If hard water is an issue and cleaning is done less frequently, choose a stronger, HCl-based bowl cleaner.

Once you’ve chosen the appropriate product, it’s time to start the four-step cleaning process.

  1. Take your bowl mop and plunge it downwards into the bottom of the bowl. This will lower the water level after only two or three plunges. This is an important step that will allow bowl cleaner to make direct contact with the bowl.

  2. Now, take your bowl cleaner and squirt it up under the rim around the entire bowl. To get hard-to-reach areas, use your bowl mop to spread the cleaner. Be sure to let the bowl cleaner work for a couple of minutes before rinsing away.

  3. Time to rinse! Simply dip the bowl mop into the water at the bottom of the bowl and use it to wipe away any cleaner.

  4. Now you’re ready for the grand finale, the final flush! Make sure that all chemical is gone. If you’re the thorough type, you can always use a handy inspection mirror to make sure you’ve done the job right.

Voila! A throne to be proud of.

Still feel stuck on how to clean your toilets the proper way? You’re in luck: get social with me to find the answers to all your cleaning questions.

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