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Americo’s Innovative Formulation Allows Floor Pads To Quickly Biodegrade.

Where do your used floor pads end up?

Up until recently, I hadn’t given floor pads much thought. They’re a tool I use for cleaning, stripping, buffing and polishing floors and when the job is done, I’ve always thrown them out.

One day, I got to thinking: where do these floor pads end up once they’ve done all the dirty work?

Can you imagine the all those floor pads taking up space in the landfill? Your garbage can take over a million years to decompose in a landfill. Some materials like glass and styrofoam don’t break down at all. Yikes.

Lucky for you, there’s a solution. Innovative and affordable technology has made floor cleaning more environmentally-friendly without compromising a top-quality clean. Ah, science!

Cleaning your floors with environmentally-friendly floor pads

Pro-Link’s floor, hand and utility pads have always been the best choice for facilities concerned about the environment. Over the past few years, these floor cleaning pads have been made using 100% recycled PET plastic — also known as used water bottles. Amazing, right?!

Two million plastic bottles are used in the United States every five minutes. They take over 1,000 years to bio-degrade and if incinerated, produce harmful toxic fumes. Finding a way to reuse this waste benefits humans and the environment alike. One case ofPro-Link 20” floor pads can be made with just 38 12-ounce water bottles.

Floor pads that quickly biodegrade

Science has gone a step even further. Americo’s innovative formulation allows floor pads to rapidly biodegrade once discarded into an active landfill. They call this process Full Cycle Enhanced Biodegradation. These floor pads have been specially formulated to break down in a fraction of the time it takes conventional floor pads.

If you don’t use floor pads, we’ve got you covered

For all of you who don’t use floor pads to get the job done but still want a high-shine, highly-effective clean, you can access to high quality cleaning products through Glen Martin Limited’s online catalogue. These products have long-lasting performance with formulations that reduce your environmental footprint.

So whether you’re scrubbing, buffing, burnishing or stripping your floors, there’s an environmentally-friendly solution.

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