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Facility Managers Can Cut Water Consumption Costs Using Specialized Janitorial Supplies.

How to Reduce Water Consumption with Janitorial Supplies

Well, here we are more than halfway through the summer. It hasn’t been a hot one, but the water bills keep getting higher and higher!

It is a sad reality that all businesses must face — increasing utility rates. Natural gas, electricity and even water rates are growing at an unprecedented rate. What can a facility manager do to affect the bottom line?

Reducing water consumption starts in the restroom

Install a lockable urinal flush valve to reduce water consumption in the restroom.

The restroom is the best place to start reducing operating costs and conserving natural resources. Did you know that a regular urinal can use up to 40,000 gallons of water per year? That’s a lot of water!

A lockable urinal flush valve can reduce water usage, saving you $200 to $600 per urinal per year. This device provides a highly cost-effective alternative to tearing out existing urinals and installing waterfree urinals.

The system comes with tons of benefits — conservation reduces operating costs and your environmental footprint, LEED points can be gained and with clean and pleasant washrooms, and you’ll find improved tenant/occupant satisfaction. A win-win-win!

How does it work?

The lockable urinal flush valve simply replaces the existing urinal flush handle. To eliminate the chance of odours, I use a barrier fluid. This product is poured directly into the urinal and because it’s lighter than water, it floats on top sealing any nasty urine odours in.

I also like to use an enzyme-based urinal screen with puc to keep the restrooms smelling clean — and it prevents the buildup of scale in urinals and pipes. I recently met with another happy customer who’s using this product. He was impressed with the system — especially the lack of odour and the water savings! The even better news? He hasn’t had a single complaint since the new system was installed.

Reduce water waste generated by sinks

Aerators are janitorial supplies that use significantly less water without compromising hand hygiene.

In the restrooms, sinks are another area for water waste. Typical commercial faucets are supplied with flow rates ranging from 2.2 gallons per minute (gpm) to 1.5 gpm. At Glen Martin Limited, we have 0.5 gpm aerators. These use significantly less water without compromising hand-washing hygiene. It’s easy to install — simply unscrew your the factory aerator from the faucet and replace. You’ll be saving water in no time!

Together, these smart tools can impact the bottom line, reduce costs and of course make the world a better place!

What other smart saving tips have you collected over the years to reduce your facility’s water consumption? Let’s chat about it! Connect with me on Facebook and Twitter. Wanna visit us in person? Drop by our janitorial supplies showroom in Barrie.

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