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Extending Your Commercial Cleaning Products Range? Scents Can Put Consumers In A Purchasing State Of Mind.

Extending your commercial cleaning products range?
Don’t forget scents

Having been in the commercial cleaning products and janitorial supplies business for so many years, the topic of deodorizers has come up many times, mostly regarding eliminating foul restroom smells. My strategy has always been to focus on three or four scents and sell them en masse. Orange, herbal mint, floral and apple are a few of the old faithfuls.

I’ve always sold deodorizers based on popular vote: when a customer asked for a deodorizer, I generally sent them our most popular item.

The jansan world has a narrow focus with most deodorizer sales in the restroom industry. The sale of washroom deodorizers has basically been commoditized with little thought about the facilities’ users and what scents work best for them.

Think about this in contrast to consumer market where buyers tend to be very picky about scents. Options for scents are endless — scented candles, plug-in warmers, incense and even specialty hand soaps with designer fragrances are easily accessible to anyone.

These scents are not limited to the washroom, but are intended for the whole house and generally price is not an issue to the purchaser.

Why does scent matter?

Of all the human senses, scent influences our nervous system and emotions the most. Our bodies process odours in the limbic part of the brain — that’s the centre of our emotions! What we smell can influence the way we feel pleasure, arousal and mood. People use scents at home to relax and wind down.

Imagine if we used the same rationale at work!

Can we use scents to create a more productive workforce? Can we use scents to make hotel guest feel more at home? Can we use scents to bring consumers into a certain state of mind of buying?

The resounding answer is yes, but we can’t do it with traditional jansan deodorizers.

Traditional deodorizer ingredients in commercial cleaning products

Traditional deodorizers like aerosols or hydrogen cell products do not contain natural ingredients.

Typical aerosols contain Acetone, Diethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether and Methylpropane and Hydrogen cell fragrances tend to contain large amounts of Dihydro Myrcenol.


What kind of scents should I use in my facilities?

Try a product with fragrance made from pure essential oils. The good folks at Glen Martin Limited have a new vendor with a line of fragrances made from just that — pure essential oils and a proprietary polymer blend ideal for fragrance housing.

These scent refills release a dry vapour free of propellants, petroleum distillates and harmful solvents. Sounds fresh!

The key to the product is the delivery system — a specially designed centrifugal fan: these single fan and dual fan units allow you to either change up fragrances throughout the day or blend fragrances to create your own unique scent like a cinnamon and vanilla blend.


Scents like linen, waterlily, lemongrass, pomegranate plum and cafe mocha can be used throughout your facility, not just in the bathroom. With 18 different fragrances, there is a scent for every facility.

Begin by asking for a scent sampling to determine what fragrance you like best. You will be one step closer to creating a more productive work environment, a more homelike feel for your guests and your customers will be in more of a buying mood!

Thanks for joining me for another great week of janitorial tips and tricks! Remember, I’m the premier distributor of janitorial products and commercial cleaning products in Barrie and the surrounding areas of Simcoe County.

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