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How To Control Diaper Smell

How to Control Dirty Diapers Smells in Facilities and at Home

For those of you out there with little kids at home, working in a daycare facility, or maintaining public family washrooms, you are probably wondering how such small and cute human beings can produce so much nasty smelling poop! Yes, I just said poop.

You aren’t alone in your hatred of diaper stench. I have many people ask me how to deal with diapers and their nasty odours. I have a two step approach using easy to find janitorial strength products that will wipe the smell away inside and outside of your facility or home.

Step 1: Containment of the Soiled Diaper

Your first defence against stinky diapers is this waste receptacle by Janibell made specifically for the culprit – diapers! It’s the seal that makes this unit so special with a two door system that prevents the nasty smells from escaping. The doors open with a foot pedal so you never have to touch them. It also has a special bag that can be sized to suit any waste load. The unit is designed for child care centres, but I use it at home for my wee man’s messy diapers. I figure if it’s good enough for that type of environment it will work great in my home.

Step 2: Prevent odour after the diapers leave the Janibell waste receptacle

Unfortunately, the soiled diapers must eventually leave the sealed confines of the Janibell. There next stop is the garbage can in the garage or waste bin at the facility. Now it’s time to put odour counteraction into effect. The heat of summer seems to really intensify the smell of the diapers so I step up the battle and use a deodorizer made from pure essential oils and formulated with Odoraxe™, a Malodor Technology scientifically designed and tested to effectively counteract unpleasant odours. The Odoraxe works to eliminate odours at the source. What else do I love about the Odoraxe:

  • It’s made with pure essential oils and is a completely natural product
  • It doesn’t aggravate scent sensitivities. Using chemical deodorizers or manufactured scents will often cause headaches or even nausea for some people (me included!). These natural, chemical free scents do not.
  • There are a variety of scents for every mood: mango, water lily, linen, lemon grass and even unscented for those of you that simply want to eliminate an odour.
  • For small areas, this deodorizer can use a single fan unit, for large garbage areas, use the dual motor unit.

With these two systems in place, you will surely survive the stench a little easier.

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