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How To Clean Red Wine From Carpet

A Secret Weapon for Removing Red Wine Stains from Carpet

Who’s wearing green today? I sure am! But unfortunately, my green shirt is matching my green face. I had a few too many celebrating St. Patrick’s Day over the weekend and today I’m paying the price, and so is my carpet. When the red wine is flowing, it is almost guaranteed that some will end up outside of the glass and on the carpet.

No need to worry though — I have a secret weapon: PROXI Spray and Walk Away. PROXI is a hydrogen peroxide based carpet cleaner that will break down organic material without rubbing, scrubbing, blotting or rinsing. Just spray, walk away….and then pour yourself another glass!


But there are more reasons than just red wine to keep some PROXI in the house. It works on all kinds of organic stains, like urine and the grosser stuff like vomit. So if you have wee ones, a furry child, or some wild friends that can’t hold down their green beer, be sure to keep a bottle in the house. It will prevent you from calling in a commercial carpet company and will take the stress away from life’s little accidents…and the big ones too!

Need a bottle of this secret weapon stat? Just call Scotty.

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