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Janibell XO Advanced Waste Disposal System

Introducing Janibell XO, the versatile, efficient and ecofriendly waste receptacle and segregation system.

Collect Lots of Waste in a Small Space
Janibell XO holds a full 23 gallons of waste in a unit that has a separation, the XO takes up very little space! Plus, with each unit’s purpose so clear, properly sorting the trash – or potentially hazardous materials – is easy.

The Bag Determines the Use
With Janibell XO, the same receptacle can be used for linen today and paper recycling tomorrow – the unit’s purpose at any point in time is determined and clearly announced by the preprinted liner that is being used. Since the receptacle itself is not labeled in any way, it is a single but extremely flexible multiuse solution.


Hygienic and Efficient
Collect Lots of Waste in a Small Space. For infection and hygiene control, the XO’s optional lid and foot pedal allow for handsfree operation and complete waste containment. Like all Janibell receptacles, XO helps prevent the spread of pathogens, viruses and bacterium such as CDIFF by containing and minimizing exposure to the waste. In fact, XO provides maximum efficiency, hygiene and waste free disposal in most commercial environments:
• Workers are never exposed to bag contents
• Heavy bags don’t need to be lifted up out of the unit
• Bags can be cut to any size, eliminating waste of liner material
• Each liner makes 30 fullsize bags or many more smaller ones

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